Better left unseen.

In this week’s “The Young and the Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1995 when Phyllis Summers’ parents arrived in town…

After months of being in a coma Phyllis finally woke up and her family will surely be rushing to her side. Years ago, Phyllis (then played by Michelle Stafford) desperately wanted to hide her family from those in Genoa City. Phyllis had been running from her past crimes, the most recent having been the hit and run involving Paul and Christine, when her parents turned up unexpectedly. She had left home in her late teens and had no contact with them since.

It soon became clear that Phyllis was still a major disappointment to her parents, who ranted and raved about her not doing anything productive with her life. Phyllis knew she could never be the person they wanted her to be and didn’t want anyone else in town to have the chance to come in contact with her parents – especially those who could use them against her. Phyllis made it her mission to get her parents back out of town unseen and succeeded in doing so.

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