Nick confronts Cameron Kirsten Young and Restless
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Sharon was haunted by the man she believed she had killed.

Young and Restless is presently airing classic episodes, some of which may be unfamiliar to new viewers. is helping keep our readers in the loop by providing background details on some of the storylines. On Wednesday April 29, Young and the Restless airs a classic episode from 2004 in which Nick Newman confronts Cameron Kirsten. Here is some insight into that story…

In late 2003, Sharon Newman was stunned when software developer Cameron Kirsten turned up in Genoa City to negotiate a deal with Newman Enterprises and was working with Nick. It turns out Sharon had hooked up with Cameron in a bar in Denver and went to his room for sex where he beat her. Unwilling to risk her marriage, Sharon stayed away until her bruises and injuries healed and never reported the assault. While in town, Cameron began threatening to tell Nick about the ‘affair’ and coerced Sharon into joining him at a motel in exchange for keeping quiet. Sharon decided she couldn’t go through with sex, so Cameron attempted to rape her and she knocked him over the head with a bottle of champagne, then panicking, dragged his body outside, and left it behind a dumpster.

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Sharon thought she had killed Cameron and couldn’t understand why she kept seeing him at every turn. In addition to the haunting, Sharon’s nemesis, Grace Turner, had arrived in town and revealed she was the missing Cameron’s girlfriend. Amid Grace’s growing suspicions, Sharon put Cameron’s body in the trunk of her car to dispose of it, but it went missing. It was later revealed that Larry Warton had disposed of the body for her. Sharon had to see for herself that Cameron was dead, so Larry took her to see the corpse. Once in the sewer, Sharon recognized Cameron’s clothes but it wasn’t long before proof came that the body was actually Frank Barritt, Cassie’s biological father.

Cameron continued to secretly taunt Sharon, leading many to believe someone had been helping him. Grace proved to be his accomplice until Nick convinced her to help expose Cameron. The man didn’t go down without a fight and eventually ended up taking Sharon hostage in a plane. In the end, it was Nick who came to her rescue, all three parachuted from the plane and Cameron was turned over to police – injuries and all.

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