Genoa City for the week of July 21 – 25:

This week things picked up a little. Still, if this were a book, readers would have abandoned it a long time ago. Soap viewers are the most loyal of any TV show fanbase. It’s long past due for “Y&R” to give fans a reason to stick around.

Shemar’s return.
The big news reported on this week is that Shemar Moore’s returning to Y&R for two days in September. Many fans are thrilled. Still, we’re all thinking the same thing. Is this brief return necessary to further the plot or is it a desperate ploy to gain ratings? Hopefully this isn’t going to be a sudden connection and history rewrite for Hilary…

Give us your thoughts! Y&R Poll: Shemar’s return.

Speaking of the player…
After Hilary made out with Devon in the laundry room, he wanted to know where they stood. Yes. Even though he knows, he wanted to hear it from her cheatin’ lips. Instead of encouraging her to talk about her feelings which could have led to another lip-lock, he should just back off. Then… So funny, Hilary had the gall to tell him, “I married Neil. I love my husband, why can’t you just accept that?” Maybe her intentions would somehow be clearer if she kept her lips off her step-son.

The visual effects on the scene with Devon driving his car looked like a movie from the 50s. Matt Purvis says, “It was the highlight of the week.” Then… Devon executed the old 1950’s ‘I ran out of gas’ move on her. Oy.

The dinner party was awkward and depressing. What more is there to say?

Phyllis’ hand moved when Summer visited and talked about accepting Jack as her father. Maybe she’ll come out of the coma, memory intact. But did Summer even notice the movement? Just when we think she doesn’t notice much more beyond what’s in the mirror we remember that she’s young, she just learned her father’s not really her father (though it’s a lie), her momma’s in a coma, and her ex-crush is supposed to be her brother. Sounds like a soap opera.

Victoria’s baby daddy.
The entire truth about Ben finally came out this week and it was a little anti-climactic. Ben “murdered” his alcoholic and abusive father and paid for it in juvenile detention. He didn’t really even kill him. The fire did. So of course, cut to Victoria who now in true soap opera fashion will likely lie about who her baby daddy is in yet another baby storyline. Sigh.

The big question: Will Ben be fired and sent up on charges for fraud?