Vegas wedding.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1991 when Cassandra Rawlins married Brad Carlton…

It recently became apparent that Summer and Austin have different ideas for their futures. Years ago, Cassandra had an idea for hers as well and set her sights on Brad in order to lure him away from both Ashley and Traci Abbott. Brad was in love with Ashley, who had turned down his marriage proposal. It wasn’t long before he considered remarrying Traci, and Cassandra used Brad’s preoccupation to her advantage and offered him a job at her late husband’s company Ra-Tech. Brad wanted a change and accepted the job, as well as a business trip to Aspen where Cassandra suggested they ‘work out the details’ of his job and contract. However, the trip had a detour.

Cassandra wanted more from Brad than his business skills and came up with a plan that landed them in Las Vegas, where they had a quickie wedding before continuing on to Aspen. Brad regretted the situation he’d landed in and broke Traci’s heart upon his arrival back to Genoa City. It wasn’t until he convinced Traci that he didn’t love Cassandra that she helped him get out of the marriage without losing any of his assets.

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