Popular guy.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1978 when Jill Foster stole Stuart Brooks out from under her mother Liz…

Lily recently tried to play match-maker for Devon, who happens to be in love with his father’s wife. Years ago, it was a mother/daughter duo interested in the same man. Liz started spending time with her daughter-in-law Chris’ father Stuart Brooks but found it difficult adjusting to his high-class lifestyle. After Liz backed away romantically, Jill (then played by Brenda Dickson) stepped in, wanting to claim Stuart for herself.

Stuart was in love with Liz and reluctant to get involved with Jill. It wasn’t until after spending a weekend in Las Vegas when Jill announced a fake pregnancy, that Stuart married her. Liz was devastated but things were about to change… Jill took an accidental fall down a flight of stairs that led to a doctor telling Stuart that his wife had never been pregnant. Jill granted Stuart a divorce, only when her real true love Derek was able to marry again, leaving Liz and Stuart free to become man and wife.

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