Genoa City for the week of June 30 – July 4:

There are still issues, but “Y&R” once again delivered some solid drama that allowed the actors to shine. Thoughts:

Don’t go now.
The week kicked off with more drama at the hospital. Nikki and Christine going at it was great fun – Nikki giving as good as she got through gritted teeth was the most formidable and, hence, enjoyable she’s been in some time – she’s been quaky, shaky, teary Nikki for too long. Avery, of course, smacked Ian across the face, which was satisfying, but that didn’t stop him from flinging accusations at Nikki…at least until Victor arrived. It’s hilarious how Ian scuttles away like a cockroach when Victor becomes threatening. Later, Dylan went into sepsis shock and Avery caterwauled at his bedside as Sully’s ghost and a fatherly vision of Paul vied for his soul. Dylan improved and Paul woke up knowing Dylan would be fine. Heartwarming, though cheesy. It might have been preferable if Paul had actually made his way into Dylan’s room instead, but it is what it is. One irksome item – where was Christine after Monday? She went from guarding Paul like a pitbull to being completely MIA. Maybe she was miffed that he wanted to fixate on Dylan instead of ‘their future’. I smell trouble. What do you think of Ian’s accusations about Nikki? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Does Ian’s claim against Nikki have merit?

Deal with the devil.
Leslie = fierce! She told Ian to take a short walk off a long pier following a pep talk from her hottie hubby, and then gave the Newmans a heads-up about his plans. Loved it.

Start living again.
Victoria and Chelsea clashed over Billy, and Chelsea later admitted to Kevin that she feels more for Billy than she should. That’s believable enough, but Billy being interested in Chelsea is more of a stretch. NuBilly check-in: he’s settling into the role nicely, but as mentioned last week, we’re still looking for more of Billy’s smirky wise-cracking attitude that is the cornerstone of his personality. Billy is the naughty boy/overgrown frat boy with a heart. Here’s hoping that vital side of him emerges soon. The ‘ugly outfit’ remark was a step in the right direction. Are you seeing chemistry between NuBilly and Chelsea or NuBilly and Victoria? Be sure to comment below.

The truth.
Kelly finally coughed up ‘the truth’ about her and Ben – or at least part of it – confirming what many had already deduced; they are siblings. Meanwhile, Kevin learned that Ben had taken on the identity of a young man who died. What does it all mean? Frankly, our heads hurt from trying to figure it out and we’re in serious danger of not caring anymore. Out with the secret – stat.