In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 1980s when Paul Williams started out on his first detective assignment…

Paul is currently off the job, due to the shooting that led to his liver transplant, which was made possible by a son he never knew he had. Years ago, Paul set out on his first assignment after the birth of his daughter Heather. Paul and Nikki Reed had just been rescued from the New World Brotherhood cult leader and were working to get their lives back on track. After April Stevens and Paul’s daughter Heather was born, April became ill and Greg Foster, who loved April, convinced Paul to do the right thing and marry her.

The young couple did their best to take care of their colicky baby girl but the mental and financial responsibility of being a parent was too much for Paul and they soon divorced. Paul stayed with his family in Genoa City while April took the baby and moved to be with hers in New York City. However, April’s twin sister had been missing so Paul took on his very first case toward becoming a detective and was able to reunite the twins for the Stevens’ family.

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