Genoa City for the week of June 23 – 27:

The “Y&R” viewing experience improved this week with storylines moving forward and some excellent acting on display. Thoughts:

It’s my fault.
Wow, wow, wow. Paul’s weakened state, raspy voice, and disoriented inquiries upon regaining consciousness was so right on, and then his descent into panic, confusion and hysteria was just riveting to watch. Amazing stuff. The hospital scenes definitely delivered the drama as Christine sniped at Nikki (more than once!) while Lauren and Michael looked on with stunned ‘Uh-oh’ looks on their faces, and Dylan reacted to learning the truth about his paternity, conveying with nary a word how monumental it was to have someone like Paul, rather than Ian, be his father. As predicted last week, we had to contend with the cheesy Super Dylan to the rescue scenario, but somehow it was tolerable. I’d have liked to have seen Heather there, and Avery berating Dylan like an errant child was pretty unappealing, but on the whole this storyline rocked this week.

The Neil/Hilary/Devon thing got more twisted as Hilary actually went through with marrying Neil, despite having admitted to feelings for Devon. Cane, by questioning Neil before the wedding, succeeded in making Neil feel a twitch of uncertainty about the situation (although not enough to stop him), so maybe when it all blows up Cane will remind him of his warning. The loner wedding was bizarre and kind of sad. Devon’s arrival piqued the interest, but in the end all he did was stand there looking like he was about to either cry or vomit on Neil’s shoes. With Devon reduced to tossing back shots in misery post-nuptials and Cane predicting all manner of gloom and doom, how long can this marriage work? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: How long will Neil and Hilary last?

A radiant point of light.
It’s kind of fascinating to see Sharon continue to build her world back up knowing that it’s just more to crumble down around her when her secret is finally revealed. It was also rather spooky to see the family dinner with Cassie’s doppelganger, Mariah, taking part. Nick is such a caveman – warning Mariah not to get too close to his family when she agreed to show Faith how to blow a double bubble – oh, and there was Noah blowing bubbles along with them. Jeeze. As for Nick and Victor teaming up to work on the Mariah/Ian connection, that’s all fine and good, but Ian’s agenda needs to be revealed ASAP as his routine has gotten seriously old.