This is special fun feature, Getting to Know Christel Khalil! Christel, who plays Lily Winters on The Young and the Restless, answered some questions posed by’s very own Y&R message board posters! Check it out! Readers: What is your favorite scent?

Christel: My favorite scent is this new perfume by Viktor and Rolf called ‘Flower Bomb’. It’s an amazing perfume – every time I wear it I get compliments on it! Readers: What is your favorite make-up product?

Christel: As far as make-up, I love Nars, I love MAC, and Stila. Readers: Where do you love to shop?

Christel: I love shopping at FreePeople. I love Nordstrom. I really just like little random shops, where you can find things that are more one-of-a-kind. I like laid-back California type clothes. Readers: What is on your MP3 player?

Christel: Right now I’m listening to Scott Matthews, and I like Kings of Leon, and Taylor Swift – that’s probably what I have in heavy rotation right now. (laughs) Readers:
Do you do anything in particular to stay in great shape?

Horseback riding! And also Wii Tennis! (laughs) It’s awesome! Honestly, my arms are so strong from playing that, it’s crazy! Readers:
Do you go online to interact with fans? Or what do you do when you go online?

Christel: I’ve never gone on to interact with fans, but I’m not online that much – I’m not a very big Internet person. If I go online it’s usually just to check my email and my Facebook – that’s pretty much all I do, unless I’m looking something up. Readers: Do you have any plans to do any meet and greet events coming up, and/or will you attend the Y&R Fan Club luncheon this year?

Christel: I will definitely be at the luncheon. I think Daniel Goddard (Cane) is trying to set something up for Lily and Cane fans for the day before the Y&R Fan Club luncheon – so I will definitely be there! would like to thank their readers who contributed questions for Christel. Be sure to read’s in-depth interview with Christel – Part I and Part II!

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