Credit: Christel Khalil (CBS) recently had the chance to speak with Christel Khalil, the actress who portrays one of Daytime’s most popular romantic heroines – Lily Winters on The Young and the Restless. Christel was great to chat with, and every bit as friendly as her alter-ego. Check it out: How did you get into acting and what have you done besides Y&R?

Christel: Well, I have three older brothers and my mom put them in acting, doing extra work and things like that, and taking acting classes. So when I was about five my mom decided to put me in it to see how I would like it, and I ended up just loving it, and taking to it. I’ve been doing it ever since – started out doing small things and worked my way up from there. What would you have done if you hadn’t pursued a career in acting?

Christel: (laughs) Oh man, I don’t know. When you’ve done something your whole life, you can’t imagine doing anything else. I think I would have to be part of the entertainment industry in some way – if not acting, then maybe dancing or singing. I really can’t think of anything else I would do! What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Christel: I love horseback riding – I’ve been horseback riding since I was two. I play guitar, and I dance. So, basically my hobbies consist of the horseback riding, playing guitar, and taking care of my two dogs! You are a still a newlywed, so congratulations! How is married life, and how do you and your husband (Stephen Hensley) juggle two busy careers?

Christel: Married life is great! I love it – it’s an amazing thing – you’re with your best friend for your entire life, just hanging out and doing things you both love to do. Thankfully, both of our schedules are very random, so it’s good in a way – there may be a day or a couple of days where we can’t see each other very much, but then we’ll have maybe three days where we can see each other all the time – it all works out in a good way! Do you have any other projects coming up outside of Y&R?

Christel: Not yet. I’m finally getting back into auditioning, so, hopefully, soon, there will be something coming up. I’m auditioning for both Primetime television and movies. What are the similarities and/or differences between Christel and Lily?

Christel: I feel like Lily is a little bit more naive than I am, and kind of like a hopeless romantic, and just always expecting the good out of people – which I do too – but I have a little bit more skepticism than Lily does – so I guess we differ in that way.