Genoa City for the week of June 2 – 6:

“Y&R” has always been far and away the best soap opera in my eyes, so it has been distressing and rather alarming to come to the realization that of the four remaining soaps, “Y&R” is arguably now offering the most banal viewing experience. Love for the show and many of the amazingly talented cast members and their characters is enough to keep loyal viewers tuning in, but a growing number of voices are calling for change in hopes that “Y&R” can be restored to it’s former greatness. Thoughts, starting on a positive note:

Solid acquisition.
While Jill and Colin’s story has tended to get a little bogged down in the details of music boxes and necklaces at times, their chemistry, Jill’s very human conflicted feelings about Colin, and his seeming struggle to be a better man, make it very much worth watching. The related story of Cane’s innate desire to believe that his father has changed, and the conflict that creates with Lily, is character-driven drama that has definite potential. As unfeasible as it was, the bit with Mattie wanting Grandpa Colin and stealing the necklace was fun.

Served cold.
After sitting through weeks, maybe months, of Avery’s blasted cooking scenes, it’s all come to her freaking out over a few cryptic messages posted online when formerly she was so tough-as-nails that she absolutely refused to have Nick or Dylan accompany her out of town on a very dangerous case, in fact she was offended by the very suggestion. Avery showed a bit of spirit in her meeting with Victor, but blindly trusted this Austin kid who, by the by, was inexplicably left to tape the cooking episodes alone with her in her apartment. It makes about as much sense as Summer offering up her virginity to this guy five minutes after meeting him – what are we supposed to feel about that besides she’s an idiot? Now Austin has taken Avery to his place, and back at Avery’s apartment, Super Dylan was mentally suiting up. It’s anyone’s guess how or if Ian fits into the Austin stalker plot against Avery, for as discussed last week, we remain unenlightened about Ian Ward’s motivations.

Just scared.
So now it’s Sharon/Nick/Mariah/Tyler/Abby we’re contending with in this storyline. First let’s talk about Nick and Sharon. They have history and a nice balance of passion and romance as a couple, but do we want to sit through endless mundane scenes of them arguing about hypnosis or Sharon going to Portland or Mariah before they have sex? Unequivocally no. Second, let’s talk about Tyler and Abby. They’re so boring no one cares if they get back together or stay apart. Nick weighing in was laughable as Abby didn’t take his advice anyway, just as Sharon doesn’t care what he thinks about Mariah. Nick, just sit down. Tyler checking in with Lily led to a positively cringe-y attempt on the part of the writers to explain away their obvious swerve from Mariah resembling Lily to being a Cassie doppelganger. As for Mariah herself, the storyline seems headed toward her becoming a replacement Cassie. Sharon clearly feels maternal toward her and Nick will likely hire her at The Underground and come to care for her despite himself. While some may love this idea, others are firmly in the camp that Cassie was a great character who should have been left to rest in peace a long time ago.