Genoa City for the week of May 26 – 30:

“Y&R” continues to be a tedious affair most days with the overall product just not meeting viewers’ expectations. Thoughts:

What are you smoking?
That might be a question for the “Y&R” writers, who continue to bore us to tears with Avery’s $%*#& cooking show nonsense and have let the Ian Ward storyline drag on way too long without any further exposition of his background or motives. Without a doubt, Ray Wise plays the role to smarmy perfection, unfortunately, we have no idea what the character is hoping to gain by hanging around in Genoa City endlessly baiting and agitating people, so as I mentioned last week, Ian’s antics have become repetitive and seem pointless. Also, by now most are guessing that Paul will be revealed as Dylan’s biological father, so any shock value they might have had there was sacrificed by dragging this out to keep Ian around longer. There was a feelgood factor in Dylan teaming up with Victor to bring down their common foe, but many still wonder why Victor didn’t crush Ward and his organization after he tried to blackmail Nikki. The Victor and Ian clashes have some great one-liners, but again, why is Victor even bothering to let this go on? Nikki keeps warning that Ian may be an enemy that Victor may not be able to defeat, but why? What makes Ward so powerful/untouchable? It’s a moot point anyway, because Victor always prevails. As the Mustache himself would say, “It ain’t gonna’ happen.” Where do you stand? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Team Victor or Team Ian?

Lost appetites.
Summer finding Kelly at the house with Jack really didn’t have much impact one way or the other. It will obviously be a catalyst to send her too quickly into this thing with Austin, who is likely trouble, and when something happens Jack will probably blame himself. Sigh. The Jack and Kelly pairing continues to lack spark. Making matters worse, she was already whining at him because he had to go on a business trip. Yech.

Bad grandpa.
Noah telling Nikki he knows she’ll go back to Victor because she always does was too funny!

Cops and robbers.
Courtney wrangling with a perp at the police station and mild-mannered Noah trying to stick up for her to Detective Harding – just can’t and don’t want to… Courtney hand-cuffing Noah in bed was an amusing concept, but there just isn’t the chemistry between them to take these scenes to the next level.

Chloe’s farewell.
There were some very moving scenes as Chloe said goodbye to her loved ones – it was clear the emotion was quite genuine. The ending with Chloe looking at Billy’s sperm sample (how long would that ‘keep’ in her purse?) after she slept with Kevin, made me wonder if she’ll return down the line with a baby requiring a paternity test.