Genoa City for the week of May 19 – 23:

Still feeling ‘meh’ about most of the storylines in Genoa City, although there was some interesting shake-ups this week what with Gina Tognoni cast as Phyllis, and news that David Tom is reportedly out as Billy Abbott and the role has been recast. Be sure to leave your comments below. Thoughts:

Mariah muddle.
Most viewers are still just shrugging their shoulders when it comes to this character and her troubles. Do we really care that she’s connected to Ian Ward, that she helped keep Tyler out of jail, that Sharon is concerned about her, that she irks Nick, or that she looks like the late Cassie Newman? Meh. If they wanted to keep Camryn Grimes in the cast, there were probably better ways to have gone about it.

Chelsea’s concerns.
It’s a good thing Chelsea has Chloe and Victoria’s problems to worry about now to fill her time. Hehe. While I’ve already ranted sufficiently about Chloe’s sad decline, after the botched intervention and heart-to-heart with Kevin in the theater, it looks like she’ll go out with a whimper, off to Fairview. Just don’t forget she’s still got that sperm sample… As for Chelsea getting involved with Victoria’s pregnancy secret, it makes sense that she would be the voice of reason since she’d been in similar circumstances, and oddly, I get Chelsea and Billy being weirdly drawn to one another as well.

Victoria’s dilemma.
Though it was definitely distasteful for Stitch to access Vikki’s hospital records, he redeemed himself by being supportive and caring after the fact. When he puts his hand on Vikki’s hair and pulls her into a kiss it’s weak at the knees time over here. Fingers and toes crossed “Y&R” doesn’t mess up this character too much with his looming secret. Anyway, she needs to tell Billy about the pregnancy too, and then it will be a waiting game for the paternity test.

Guess that was a big May sweeps shocker when Avery walked out on her cooking show taping to tend to Dylan’s hurt feelings. Seriously? In the ensuing chaos, she left Summer alone with cameraman Austin, who may be cute, but is definitely giving off creepy vibes at this point. He has an answer for everything and is just too quick to ingratiate himself. I smell trouble.