Genoa City for the week of May 12 – 16:

Well folks, it’s difficult to know what to say about the current state of “Y&R.” It’s May sweeps and yet there wasn’t even a good Friday cliffhanger. All indications are that viewers are fast-forwarding through more and more of the storylines, which too often feature lackluster scenes with draggy dialogue, and are increasingly centered around newer or recast characters that fans haven’t connected with in a meaningful way, which equals no emotional impact. Thoughts:

While the situation that Jack is in definitely tugs at the heart strings and gives one pause for thought, the change in Kelly is messing with this story. Formerly, Kelly was a bit of a tough cookie with sex appeal, who was rough around the edges after her harrowing loss. She and Phyllis would have been a sight to see going toe-to-toe if Phyllis came out of the coma and that was part of the draw. NuKelly is more of a tragedy queen and the poetry, old movies, violins, and especially the melodrama has been very distracting. On Friday’s episode, when she crossed the room, took Jack’s face in her hands, and then held her face up to his with her eyes practically rolling back in her head it just felt way over the top and took one out of the moment. The Jack and Kelly story is suddenly getting a lot of airtime as well, which is making it seem like they are rushing to push these two into a relationship so Phyllis can wake up.

The wrong doorbell.
There’s a disconnect when NuOldBilly alludes to his history with Chelsea, and talks about those wild times in New York with Chloe way back in the day, because he looks like he’s barely out of college. As for Stitch, they had a really good thing going with this character, so you have to wonder why they would choose to take him in a direction where he seems pushy, snoopy, secretive, not to mention is some sort of murderer. Gah.

Tough times.
The trouble with the Tyler/Abby/Mariah storyline is that most viewers aren’t really all that invested in it. It would seem from the newspaper article that Mariah was looking at that she and Tyler probably broke into some mansions in Portland. Now that Abby has asked Victor to crush Mariah like a tick (kind of amusing), whatever he does is likely to take Tyler down as well. Tyler will then lose Victor’s respect, so Abby’s basically playing a losing game it would seem.

Cuckoo bird.
It’s always a bonus to see Jeffrey and Gloria – they consistently provide comic relief and a little extra something-something to every scene they are in. However, as mentioned before, seeing Chloe reduced to a nutbar who steals an aphrodisiac oil from Glo’s purse so she can seduce Billy into making another Delia, is just a sad situation to have to sit through.