Genoa City for the Week of May 5 – 9:

It’s May, it’s sweeps time, so why isn’t there more happening on “Y&R” to bring viewers to the edge of their seats? Thoughts:

Get out of town.
If Dylan is Ian’s son, which is questionable at this point, he certainly didn’t inherit his smarts. How can Dylan not see that Ian is playing him and setting him up? It’s a bit headache-inducing to see him act so clueless. Ian blew into town with some real potential, but weeks on end of him appearing in people’s doorways and talking in riddles has definitely worn thin. The writers need to snap to it with this storyline. The Dylan/Nikki moment, where she said she loved him for the first time was a nice beat.

Her goose is cooked.
Whether Avery resigns from the cooking show or the stalker gets her, it’s all good as long as it brings an end to this trifling storyline.

Whackadoo central.
It’s really unfortunate to see a feisty character like Chloe going out in such a sad downward spiral. Her potential was basically squashed when she was paired romantically with her ‘best buddy’ Kevin and only got worse when she was cast as the ‘negative Nancy’ in her ‘friendship’ with Chelsea. Losing Delia could have been a catalyst for much change in her life, but instead her wagon was hitched to Kevin’s again and he’s been too busy sulking to notice how delusional she’s become. It all seems to point to Chloe exiting on a rather unsettling note. Yet another longer-term character lost, and not made up for by the newer ones we still couldn’t care less about or who bore us to tears.

Prescription mix-up.
As unrealistic as it was, the prescription mix-up that revealed Victoria’s pregnancy to Chelsea did add another layer and saved us from listening to Victoria talk to herself about it 24/7. That said, it’s tough to get into this storyline when the Victoria and Billy dynamic has completely changed with the recast. As for Stitch, he still has to weather the storm of his secret past being revealed – let’s hope that’s coming very soon.

He bailed.
It’s a truly compelling dilemma that Jack is in with Phyllis and Kelly. Some are finding the transition to the new Kelly tough, however. Though not entirely absent, the chemistry is less intense, and this incarnation of Kelly seems to be much more of a swoon-y romantic heroine type than her edgier predecessor – almost like a completely different character. It was also curious that they wrote a scene with Lily giving a rather nervous Kelly advice about seducing Jack when the previous Kelly had no problem at all asserting her attraction to Billy or acting on it. Inconsistent.