Genoa City for the week of April 21 – 25:

It’s all about the secrets right now on “Y&R,” with Victor’s secret being exposed this week. The biggest issue continues to be with the boring conversation in scenes, such as Jack and Kelly’s long-winded talk about old movies or anything to do with Avery’s cooking, which has the effect of a tranquilizer dart if you happen to be unable to fast-forward. Thoughts:

The host with the most.
The engagement party got a little odd when it became a series of one-on-one conversations with the rest of the attendees seemingly nowhere in sight, but it is what it is. The compelling bit was Victor and Sharon airing their grievances, unaware that outside, Nick was seeing the Cassie lookalike and chasing her down. As for Tyler, there is clearly something going on with him, and there’s even been speculation he might be in cahoots with Mariah. While this twist may make him slightly more intriguing again, it also makes him very stupid, and well, does anyone really care what happens to Abby?

Nick’s confrontation with the Cassie lookalike got pretty intense, although he maybe should have been a bit more freaked out than angry in the beginning. That said, it was satisfying that she gave up Victor so quickly and that a confrontation with all parties concerned was forthcoming. Victor tried to use the ‘Sharon’s got a secret’ defense, but it didn’t exactly fly considering she now doesn’t remember she has a secret or what it might be (ack). Anyway, indignant Nick is always fun to watch – he was flinging some pretty big words around this time. In the end, we were left with a heavy underlying feeling from the scenes that Victor’s warning about Sharon hurting Nick would soon come true.

Victoria and Ashley vying for Stitch’s attention was entertaining to watch. I’d have to give the round to Victoria, if only for pointing out that Ashley was formerly her stepmother. Eek. The chemistry continues to be excellent with Victoria and Stitch, who has definitely become a top reason to tune in, surpassing his dull ol’ buddy Dylan by leaps and bounds. As for the Chelsea and Billy kiss and steamy bathroom scenes – still too out of the blue to properly process. Of course the bigger news is that Victoria barfed in the bushes this week, which likely indicates a pregnancy with a ‘who’s the daddy’ glitch. If she turns out to be expecting, let know whose baby it should be by voting in our Y&R Poll: Victoria’s baby daddy.