Ghost writer.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1980s when Leanna ‘Love’ Randolph pulled one over on Victor Newman…

Victor is currently trying to make things right with Nikki – yet again – due to his underhandedness. Years ago, he was at the other end of someone else’s manipulations, which left him outraged. Leanna first appeared on the scene as a former mental patient out to murder Ashley Abbott, due to her infatuation with Ashley’s new husband Dr. Steven Lassiter. When her plans failed, Leanna followed the newlyweds from Hawaii to Genoa City and became involved with Jack Abbott.

Jack planned for Leanna to write a tell-all about Victor under the name Nora Randall. Victor also approached Leanna to write his authorized biography. After putting pen to paper, “Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story” was published, which included details of Victor and Ashley’s affair, her abortion and nervous breakdown that followed. Victor believed Nikki had been behind the publication, divorced her and married Leanna, never realizing she’d written the book. Leanna began to fall for Victor and wrote another book to cast a good picture around the business mogul. However, Victor soon found out Leanna had written the first book and cut all ties with her and planned an attack on Jack for his part in it.

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