A shot at the big-time.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the early 2000s when Colleen Carlton set up something very special for JT Hellstrom…

Avery is about to receive a mysterious, romantic surprise. Years ago, Colleen (then played by Lyndsy Fonseca) wanted to surprise JT as well and did just that. JT loved to sing and play the guitar and Colleen always encouraged him to follow his dream of becoming a singer. Not only did she get JT a gig singing at Crimson Lights, she also arranged for a record promoter named Shiloh to be in attendance.

JT was a fast hit and Shiloh offered him a contract, leaving Colleen to push him to accept and to go to Los Angeles to shoot his first music video. Reluctantly, JT agreed and accompanied Shiloh to California. Colleen soon arrived in LA to support JT but something upset her, which had her rushing back to Genoa City. JT turned his back on his dream and followed Colleen to their hometown to make things right between them. In the end, Colleen took herself out of the equation, as not to hold JT back, and moved to New York City with Traci. And since JT left LA to chase Colleen home, he lost his record deal.

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