Genoa City for the Week of April 7 – 11:

This week saw some improvement from previous ones with the fashion show antics lining us up for drama next week. The return of Nadia’s Theme was a highlight and very nearly brought me to tears as Victor contemplated Adam’s nameplate. Thoughts:

Out of the frying pan.
Victoria has much more chemistry with Stitch eating burgers than she has in even the most significant scenes with NuOldBilly. Many felt ambivalent about their break-up scenes, even with Nadia’s Theme playing as Billy exited with his bags. Billy storming into the coffee house and trying to pressure Dylan into telling him where Stitch was so he could have a ‘chat’ with him was just more awkwardness. He’s not intimidating with the larger Dylan and Stitch even when angry, so why keep writing that stuff in? Anyway, we got more clues from Kelly this week about Stitch; apparently he killed a man. Obviously it’s going to be like pulling teeth for us to find out more details, however, there must be some explanation as Stitch hardly seems like a homicidal maniac (and it would be a travesty to ruin this character who has been so well-received). Also, why is Kelly the only one who knows about this so-called murder, and the one who told his wife? If the ‘murder’ isn’t public knowledge, why does Jenna have to take his son to Australia to keep him from finding out what his father did? So many questions, so slow to be answered.

The cooking show.
Please. Avery’s little dilemmas and Dylan’s cheerleading are just not the stuff of riveting television.

I’m pregnant.
Listening to Michael and Lauren go on about her pregnancy all week got old fast. I hope there’s a twist here and we’re not in for months of this same discussion.

Adam’s dead.
Of course, we know he’s not, which is kind of fun, but everyone else believes he’s gone and it’s led to some interesting scenes. Jack and Victor found they couldn’t stick to the same old snarky script in this instance; it’s always great when they find they agree on something. Chelsea asking to see the body may have seemed morbid, but is realistic as she wouldn’t be thinking straight. It was nice that they allowed Sharon a whole scene to cry for the loss of Adam before she got back to making out with Nick (rolling eyes). The Chelsea/Chloe catfight at the fashion show that developed after Chelsea said Adam’s body had been found was fantastic – and a long time coming!