In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1991 when David Kimble faked his own death and took on the identity of Jim Adams…

Colin currently claims to be looking for a second chance with his family. Years ago, David wanted a second chance to wreak havoc on Genoa City by faking his own death and returning to look like someone else. After Nina Webster shot David repeatedly, he pretended to be paralyzed then managed to plant a dead body in his hospital bed and set it on fire. All of David’s past victims believed they’d endured the end of him but boy were they wrong.

David located a plastic surgeon with a specific request to look like a certain person but woke up with the word ‘killer’ etched into his forehead. The surgeon had fled, leaving David to use makeup, a wig and facial hair to disguise himself as a southerner named Jim Adams upon his return to town. He then concocted a plan to kill Nina, Danny and Christine during a masquerade ball. His former lover, Diane Westin, uncovered the truth, inserted wax bullets in David’s gun then shared his plan with his targets. In the end, David believed he’d killed all three people but fell to his death, crushed by a trash compactor, while running from Paul Williams and the police.

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