Genoa City for the week of March 31 – April 4:

Genoa City continued to be humdrum this week with a few exceptions, particularly the Jill/Jack stuff and the Stitch/Victoria romp, which, frankly, was like a lifebuoy in terms of bumping things up a notch. Discouragingly, an increasing proportion of each episode is comprised of filler-quality material. Some of the conversations are so mundane that viewers just fast-forward through them. The storylines, the couples, the dialogue, have all become way too ‘safe’. Viewers want to be laughing, crying, gasping, and shouting at the TV set when they watch. Heck, I still recall when that would happen all in the space of a single episode. Thoughts:

I’d rather be working.
Chloe made it clear to Kevin before they got married how she felt and he still insisted on going through with it. So why is he acting surprised and hurt by her lack of feeling now? Listening to Kevin complain about this is not at all interesting.

On edge.
The Chloe/Chelsea friendship has been more contentious than most from the start, so it’s tougher than ever at this point to really root for a reconciliation; too much has happened. Should Chloe and Chelsea repair their relationship? Let know by voting in our Y&R Poll: Should Chloe and Chelsea make up?

500% sure.
It was hard to believe that Abby Newman would be satisfied with an impromptu proposal in a bar with no engagement ring to be seen. That said, it seemed sweet and genuine on Tyler’s part. The problem is that an engagement should feel exhilarating for viewers, but it didn’t because the couple is so bland. I would much rather have seen Tyler butting heads with Victor than giving flowery speeches in his office. Bleh…give him back his mojo.

Stop the charade.
The Cassie lookalike, who has clearly become a bit of a loose cannon, is arguably the most compelling element in the ‘Sharon’s Secret’ storyline at this point. Sharon’s amnesia is just dragging things out longer.

Lily seducing Cane in the office to persuade him of the benefits of staying at the Club was interesting in that it wasn’t necessarily her usual way of addressing issues with him in the past.

Great girl.
So Neil trumpeting about Hilary’s virtues will convince Devon to pursue her just in time for Neil to bed her? Possibly. As for the Real Models of Genoa City…that’s shaping up to be a snipefest.

Gave it up.
Oh my…Courtney looked like a teenager dressed up for Halloween in her cop uniform. The scenes with her coming clean with Summer were not too bad, but poor Noah’s romance, and his life in fact, is really just kind of lame. So dull.