Finding herself.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1982 when Traci Abbott returned to Genoa City from boarding school and found her life spiraling out of control…

Traci, along with her sister Ashley, is set to make another appearance in town tomorrow. Years ago, Traci arrived home from boarding school and felt very insecure and overshadowed by her gorgeous sister Ashley. She and Danny Romalotti became quick friends, which led to her becoming the president of his fan club. Traci opted to take classes at Genoa City University so she could stay close to Danny.

Lauren Fenmore became a thorn in Traci’s side. The girls competed for Danny’s affections both on and off the stage as his backup singers. Lauren constantly belittled Traci for her weight and soon Traci began trying to lose weight. It wasn’t easy and she was persuaded by someone on campus to use pills to aid in the weight loss. The pills soon became an addiction, one that almost killed Traci until she realized there were better ways to take control of her life.

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