A death in the family.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the 1970s when Dr. William ‘Snapper’ Foster Jr. was accused of killing his father…

Yesterday Lauren gave Michael quite the shock by announcing a possible pregnancy. Years ago, Snapper and his family received one as well. Everyone believed William Foster Sr. had abandoned the family, leaving his mother Liz and siblings alone for years. Liz eventually moved on, fell in love with Sam Powers and at Snapper’s persistence had her husband declared legally dead. Imagine the shock when Bill turned up alive.

Bill sent his family a letter from the next town over. He was broke and had cancer, which prompted Liz to welcome him back into the family home. Snapper appeared to be the only one unhappy by this turn of events and was forced to watch his parents renew their vows. Not long after Snapper reconciled with his father, but they didn’t have much time. Bill’s cancer took over and he was put on life support with his dying wish not to have his family suffer over his lifeless body. In the end, someone pulled the plug and Snapper was charged with murder, only later to have the charges dropped.

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