A look at Genoa City for the week of February 24 – 28:

‘Chloe kidnapping Connor’ and ‘Ian Ward making his move’ were two storylines that seemed to promise big drama this week on “Y&R,” but actually played out rather anti-climatically. Thoughts:

I deserve him.
While the run-up to Chloe taking Connor was pretty intense, it might have had more dramatic effect had she hidden with Connor for a period of time and/or if she had actually been delusional; thinking Connor was Delia. It kind of fizzled when Victor and Chelsea showed up so quickly and then it became more of Kevin talking Chloe through the moment. After, it was all about Victor having saved the day. The good news is that it led to a heated encounter with Jack – no complaints there. Another interesting development was the strange phone call Chelsea received – no doubt from Adam. As for Chloe, she wound up in the police station being soothed by Michael and Kevin. It’s great that they are there for her, but this stuff always feels like the writers pushing Kevin and Chloe as a couple, yet all it accomplishes is to illustrate the incredibly supportive friendship they share – it’s all they’ve got. Do you think Jack is right about Victor? Is he setting Chelsea up? Vote in Soaps.com’s Y&R Poll: Is Victor setting Chelsea up?

We need to talk.
After a week of Billy sleeping on the sofa and pleading with Victoria to forgive him or talk to him, it was time for something to give. That ‘something’ turned out to be Victoria kissing Stitch and Billy going to meet Kelly. We’ll see how that worked out for them. As for Stitch and Kelly, their backstory seems to zig-zag between love and hate – not sure why. Either way, it’s past time we learned what happened between them.

The rest was a lie.
You had to laugh at how quickly Noah did a turnaround at the police station with Courtney. He arrived to return her gift and say, once again, that he was over her, and within minutes was kissing her and completely all in. Why hasn’t anyone told Summer about Courtney yet?

That’s the plan.
Ray Wise is so good at bringing Ward’s phony, smarm-oozing personality to life one can practically smell his expensive over-powering cologne emanating from the television screen. Viewers can’t wait to see him get what’s coming to him, which helped us to appreciate the ‘feelgood’ factor of Nick and Dylan teaming up against a common threat, and even feel a little thrill as they flew into action upon learning Ward had gotten to Summer. Avery’s one-liners in scenes regarding Dylan and Nick were perfect, heck even dry ol’ Dylan got a little chuckle in when he referred to Nick as Hannibal Lecter. Things went a little sideways when Nikki received the photo from Ian. How did he get her private cellphone number? Why would she call Ian back, instead of getting help first? In the end, Nikki thought it was a great idea to let Paul handle everything, which made us wonder why she didn’t call him in the first place – or perhaps her husband, the all-powerful Victor Newman. Instead, she filled a flowered bag with a million smackeroos (where did all that untraceable cash come from so quickly anyway?) and bee-lined it to Ian’s office. While the office confrontations were gritty, Paul merely hauling Ian off to Genoa City jail was a bit anti-climactic – no face rearranging or anything. Oh well, Ward is bound to weasel his way out in no time with a new plan.