Restless Rant for the week of February 3 – 7:

While the featured storylines continued to entertain this week, some of “Y&R’s” non-front burner stories still require an injection of creativity to spruce them up. Thoughts:

Dead men don’t tell tales.
The good news is that the Baldwins are free from this dreadful storyline. The bad news is that it didn’t make much sense for the police to have been poised to put Fenmore away for a murder that the feds knew hadn’t happened. Yeeps.

Clean slate.
Not surprisingly, Hilary told Devon, with whom she shares actual chemistry, that she just wants to be friends, which essentially confirmed that she has her sights set on Jack. Bleh. This really makes no sense unless she is still working an agenda – like taking control of Jabot so she can fire Neil? Even then, it would seem she could hurt Neil more by taking his son for his billions. Don’t get it…

Courtney posing as a high school student when she’s really an undercover cop was suspiciously similar to “21 Jump Street,” but it was Noah’s Dudley Do-Right routine that made the reveal a letdown. Instead of thinking it was cool and sexy that she was a cop (and an adult!), Noah sniffed that the girl he fell for doesn’t exist and it was all a lie blah, blah. Cue the eye-rolling.

Meeting Mariah.
Abby going on at length about why she wanted to confront Tyler’s ex had many clamoring for headache tablets, but perhaps even more annoying was Tyler being stupid enough to risk provoking another Abby hissy fit by planning to meet Mariah at her hotel. Please.

Circus act.
Leslie being a no-show for the meeting with Neil and David Tutera led to an interesting conversation about the different ways they view marriage. Not the most exciting drama in the soap opera world, but it was satisfying to have Leslie clear the air and for Neil to have to acknowledge his track record.