In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1990s when Raul Guittierez met Rianna Miner…

Shocking secrets were recently revealed at the Genoa City Gala. Years ago, a secret surfaced that Raul couldn’t get past. In his late teenage years Raul was part of the click that consisted of Billy Abbott, Brittany Hodges, Mackenzie Browning, J.T. Hellstrom and Rianna Miner while attending Walnut Grove Academy. At the time, Rianna and J.T. had been a couple, but he was a playboy and frequently cheated on her. Raul had been interested in Mackenzie, but she hadn’t felt the same.

Billy, Brittany, Raul and Rianna lived together one summer while promoting the new Glow By Jabot line for Billy’s family’s business and were labeled the Glow By Jabot Kids. It was during that time that Raul and Rianna fell in love. Rianna was there for Raul, who had diabetes and suffered seizures and helped him deal with the disease that nearly took his life. Later on, Mackenzie and J.T. signed on to take part in the Glow By Jabot promotion. Raul soon found out something about Rianna and J.T. that he couldn’t get past, which ultimately ended his relationship with her.

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