Restless Rant for the week of January 20 – 24:

The stories building to possible climaxes in February sweeps certainly have viewers’ attention. Thoughts:

Daddy’s here.
It’s becoming increasingly unbelievable for Sharon to keep the truth about Summer’s paternity to herself, so something’s got to give. With that said, it was soapy goodness watching the beats being played among the concerned parties at the hospital this week. The best twist in the Summer pill-popping story is Victor blustering about Sharon not doing her job and looking out for Summer, and filing a complaint against Jack, when the truth is, the unapproved drugs came from his own company.

Face my crime.
What delicious irony that just as Adam decided to turn himself in for the hit-and-run, Billy put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that Adam was the driver and showed up on his doorstep. This storyline developed to be nicely complex; with numerous characters being factored in and the potential to blow up in all kinds of different ways. Important relationships such as Jack and Adam’s and Chloe and Chelsea’s will be impacted to a huge degree. Probably the most incredible/maddening element of the story is that after all is said and done, it will quite possibly be revealed that Adam wasn’t the driver who hit Delia after all.

Weird happenings.
Abby and Tyler should be a hot couple that has viewers invested in their romance and storyline, unfortunately it’s not working out that way. Abby’s foot-stomping spoiled rich girl routine is a turn-off, the romance has diluted Tyler’s intensity and fire, and the Mariah storyline is on par with Carmine becoming a one-note stalker; kinda’ stale, kinda’ bad…

Once upon a winter evening.
Well, one member of the Winters family wasn’t too pleased about the winter evening theme, or more specifically, about everyone going along with Hilary’s suggestion. This sets up Lily and Hilary to be at each others’ throats on a regular basis, which is fine and could be entertaining, especially if Devon and Hilary hook-up. They actually have strong chemistry. Unfortunately, if the past is any indicator, the writers will probably put her with someone else – maybe Jack? Who would you like to see Hilary date? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: Who should Hilary date? Vote!