Restless Rant for the week of January 13 – 17:

The main storylines continued to grow tenser as February sweeps looms. Thoughts:

Spidey senses.
The hit-and-run story is definitely building to the approaching climax. The scene is being set for Jack and Victor to face-off over Connor with Chloe being the wild card. Billy is noticing too many coincidences having to do with Adam and Delia’s death, and Kevin will soon have the license plate information to put together with Billy’s suspicions. Chloe’s obsession with Connor is so eerie! Whose side will you be on if Victor and Jack clash over Connor? Let know by voting in our Y&R Poll: Clash over Connor.

Blinders off.
Nikki has really been standing up to Victor where Dylan’s concerned – love it. He’s so rude about her newfound son, though, that it makes you wonder why she stays with him. Anyway, following Avery’s failed attempt at re-creating New Year’s Eve, it was decided that she and Dylan would hit the road to find Ian Ward together. The stress this is causing Nikki potentially gives Victor more ammunition against Dylan – he can blame him for upsetting her and possibly exacerbating her MS symptoms. Ian Ward being found and coming to town is even more of a disaster waiting to happen, yet this storyline still doesn’t have many viewers talking. There are those who hope that Ward’s arrival will lead to the discovery that Dylan’s not his son after all, but Paul’s. Now that would be a heck of a twist – not only because Ward would have been brought to town to wreak havoc unnecessarily, but because it would make Victor’s head spin exorcist-style. Chris wouldn’t be too happy either. The glitch is that if Nikki and Paul knew it was a possible that he could be the father, you’d think one of them would have mentioned it by now. Boo.

Offer not accepted.
So it looks like Tyler and Abby have themselves a true bunny-boiler on their hands in Mariah. I assumed it was she who sabotaged their dream house deal. Unfortunately, Abby becomes more annoying with each scene she’s in, she and Tyler are too watered down as a couple, and the storyline is uninspired.

All the frou-frou.
Wow, so Leslie is really balking at the idea of marriage despite having accepted Neil’s proposal. Though her moody-girl thing is becoming a little tired, her reluctance does have me wondering what’s going on with her – is she just pushing it away because she’s afraid she’ll embrace the idea and it will go bad like everything else in her life did before?