Made to face his crime.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1970s when Chris Brooks was raped by George Curtis…

Nikki Newman’s worst fear is about to come true when the man who raped her appears in Genoa City. Years ago, Chris Brooks was raped as well and had to face her attacker. During college Chris worked for her father, Stuart, at the Genoa City Chronicle and began dating Snapper Foster, who had to work hard to put himself through medical school. Stuart didn’t approve of Chris and Snapper’s relationship due to witnessing several upsets over Chris not being able to spend much time with Snapper. Chris’ father did some digging and found out Snapper hadn’t been spending all of his time working and revealed that he’d been sleeping with a local waitress. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t believe Stuart and moved out of the family home.

Chris made it clear to Snapper that she wanted to save herself for marriage. While out at a singles bar, Chris met George (played by Anthony Geary, “General Hospital’s” Luke) and allowed him to walk her home, and then he raped her. For months the rape haunted her and prevented her from being intimate with Snapper. Though Snapper had been understanding about the lack of intimacy due to his continued side-fling with the waitress, he encouraged Chris to file charges against George, who’d been made to face her in court.

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