Restless Rant for the week of December 30 – January 3:

Happy New Year to all! Although “Y&R” continues to be quite boring at times, some of the building stories centering on well-established characters definitely show promise. Thoughts:

Helping Billy.
Jack and Jill working together to help Billy was one of the high points of the week. They interact so naturally, and still have that old spark. More!

The big bang.
We all saw the Billy/Kelly sex coming but somehow it was still rather shocking. While an illicit romp is exactly what some had been hoping for to spice up this soap, this particular dalliance was more horrible and sad than deliciously naughty. Most came out of it loathing Kelly, particularly after we learned she also had some sort of inappropriate dealings with Stitch. The positive is that the story has made us sit up and take notice and feel something. We’re awake and wondering what’s next! As of Friday we had Billy working his guilty conscience and Victoria thanking Kelly for helping her husband and inviting her to their home for dinner. Ack!

The godfather.
By week’s end, Victor’s investigation had led him to conclude that Adam was the driver who hit Delia. In passing, Victor mentioned a female on the list who had purchased a new SUV the day after the accident – could that have been Kelly? One theory is that everything, including the evidence and Adam’s own behavior, will point to him having been the guilty party. However, down the road, perhaps just as Victor has somehow managed to get Jack back on pills and wrest control of Connor away from him, it will be revealed that Kelly was actually the hit-and-run driver, and Adam will then return in dramatic fashion. The build-up to Adam being fingered has been fairly intense what with Adam asking Jack to be Connor’s godfather, and Victor and Adam facing off. Also, Chloe being Connor’s godmother, and forming an unhealthy attachment to the child, will presumably come into play, not to mention how Jack would deal with the conflict of representing Adam’s interests with Connor while believing he ran over Delia. What do you think Victor’s next move will be now that he believes Adam killed Delia? Vote in’s Y&R Poll: What will Victor do?

A very Abbott new year.
Loved Ashley and Traci showing up to drag Jack out for New Year’s, even if he did have to party with his ‘old friend who should be forgotten’. It’s always cool to see Ashley and Victor cross paths, and tying it in with Neil’s engagement party was interesting. Everyone seemed thrilled except for Leslie, who made a point of saying it would be a long engagement. Yike. Nick and Sharon both deciding to belatedly appear was predictable, but their kiss turned out to be pretty steamy. Did anyone else think Hilary and Devon were going to lock lips? The reactions to that would have been fun. On the whole, it definitely paled in comparison to the celebrations of yesteryear at the Colonnade Room (which we enjoyed in Wednesday’s classic episode), but it had its moments.