Restless Rant for the week of December 23 – 27:

“Y&R” put in a full week over the Christmas holiday. Some observations on the stories:

Just the facts.
Ironically, Victor lectured Paul about Nikki’s stress when he himself is causing her more distress than anyone by fighting her on having a relationship with Dylan. While it does make sense that Victor would dislike Nikki’s attention being on Dylan and not on him and his children, his meanness seems out of proportion to the realities of the situation. On the flip-side, Nikki and Dylan had a thaw in relations despite Victor’s best efforts to derail it. As for business, Victor is going to make mincemeat of Kyle.

Cranking out.
The best Nick moment of the week was when he indulged himself by cranking out on his electric guitar – such ‘real’ pleasure in that look on his face. The worst was when he reverted to caveman mode while confronting Adam and attempting to speak for Sharon. It was a sharp reminder of a reason he isn’t necessarily good for her, even as their recent kisses have brought us back to the positive aspects of their romantic history.

Pulled the trigger.
While Summer’s conflict was believably etched on her face throughout her interactions with Paul, Michael and Lauren, and Fen, I still just ‘can’t’ with this storyline. The strongest point this week was when Fen simply admitted to his mother that he was scared. Such a startling simple and honest moment in the endless sea of melodrama that their lives have become – it stood out.

Showing promise.
Although the bad storyline that brought her into town has been hard to shake, Hilary’s interaction with Jack flows well, she holds her own in a snipe session with Jill, and she may even be making Devon more interesting – no small feat. Devon punching Mason in the gut was an eye-opener. We’ve seen those abs – it’s a good thing he took him off-guard.

Get up off the floor.
Neil’s determined proposal to Leslie in the station was very cute, however, judging by the way she was eyeballing Cane and Lily’s rowdy twins in the Athletic Club, there could be lifestyle issues ahead.

Holiday goodies.
Abby’s insipid giggling, wanting her own way, and pouting insecure rants, are rapidly becoming irritating. It’s a drag that Tyler constantly has to reassure her and pander to her. The idea that the woman with the sun tattoo (presumably Mariah) was able to secure a key to their room was a stretch, but how would she know Abby would ever leave the room on her own, let alone when Tyler was preoccupied with showering so she could enter unseen? It was rather unbelievable, and was followed by another one of those contrived-sounding arguments between Abby and Tyler – unappealing.

Karmic scales.
Adam’s cocoon is definitely threatened at this point. Any predictions about how this will play out?