In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1980s when Paul Williams realized he’d been sleeping with his client’s wife…

Victor is currently troubled by some damning evidence against Adam. Years ago in Genoa City, evidence surrounding his friend Paul troubled him as well. Paul met interior designer Cassandra Hall and enlisted her expertise to redecorate his bachelor pad and the office where he worked out of as a private investigator. After spending so much time together, Paul fell in love with Cassandra and proposed to her. Cassandra turned Paul down but wanted to remain lovers.

Paul had dinner with one of his wealthy clients, George Rawlins, and was stunned to be introduced to his wife, Cassie. He and Cassandra acted as though they were strangers, and things became more uncomfortable when George asked Paul to father a child for him and his wife, due to his impotency. Paul refused and believed Cassandra when she claimed to love him. She proved it by asking George for a divorce, which led to his heart attack. Paul had no idea that Cassandra had told her husband about their affair.

George arranged to have Victor overhear a huge confrontation between him and Paul. When George turned up dead, evidence pointed to Paul, who’d been arrested for his murder. Victor knew better and realized that Paul had been set up.

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