Restless Rant for the week of December 9 – 13:

The scenes in which veteran characters captivate viewers continue to be a saving grace for “Y&R,” as many of the current storylines have issues or are just straight-up uninteresting. Aside from Delia’s death, and Nikki’s outburst in the Club, the stories have felt draggy, predictable, and way too ‘safe’. Why hasn’t Chloe jumped into bed with someone inappropriate due to her unimaginable grief, causing Kevin to go off the rails? Why didn’t guilt drive Adam and Sharon to partake in an inadvisable romp in a fraught moment of weakness before he reconciled with Chelsea? Imagine the implications if one or both had blurted out a confession in the heat of the moment. How about Jack and Jill, both in pain for various reasons, getting fired up over some business disagreement and hitting the sheets…or the desk? The illicit, gasp-worthy, passionate stuff takes things to a whole other level. Whether a viewer loves it or hates it, they’re at least intensely feeling something. Thoughts:

One hour.
Lauren and Michael’s trip down memory lane via flashbacks in celebration of their anniversary was awesome, however their storyline continues to feel dragged-out. It’s at the point where one wants to groan when Lauren starts hand-wringing and snapping at people, or when her cellphone rings. The latest development was Fenmore getting out of jail and raising some eyebrows with his twitchy paranoia and melodramatic lines about doing time, such as how he’d rather die than go back, or gravely telling Summer that she was better off not knowing what happened to him in there.

With Lily’s health in question again, it looks like Jack and Jill are unknowingly on a collision course with Cane and that biotech company. Lily, meanwhile, vented her stress in the most delightful way possible – by telling Hilary in no uncertain terms to fly her ‘skinny ass’ out of town. It made for an enjoyable scene even if it was an obvious set-up for Devon to defend Hilary.

Stay away.
Why did Victor bother to fawn over Nikki in an effort to convince her that she can trust him, only to go behind her back and sabotage any potential for her to have a relationship with Dylan? I wish Paul had overheard Victor warning Dylan away and tattled to Nik…at least there would have been some fireworks to look forward to there. Aside from Nikki, who is always entertaining when at odds with Victor or in emotional turmoil mode, and Victoria’s tension with Victor and Nick, the ‘Dylan as Nikki’s son’ storyline isn’t really revving any motors.

You don’t know her.
Summer discovered Courtney was lying about Zach. Courtney’s parents will be away for Christmas. Courtney bought drugs from Raven… Zzz.

It would have been infinitely more interesting if Chloe actually had kidnapped Connor. It also would have made more sense than Chloe just drifting along being ‘okay’ and working a lot. We are privy to Billy’s devastation over Delia, but should also be seeing Chloe exhibiting erratic behavior and emotions. Perhaps the idea is that she’s keeping everything inside and will just explode at some point?