Restless Rant for the week of December 2 – 6:

“Y&R” continues to need some sort of jolt and perhaps to weed out the elements least popular with viewers in order to streamline the show. Thoughts:

Thanksgiving casualty.
Ashley flirting with Stitch was fun – wish she’d come back full-time. Also, it would be great if they’d address what’s happening with Stitch’s wife and child. Ashley stopping in on Victor was good too – love how he’s different with her.

Working with Grandpa.
It was cute to see Noah arrive at work feeling chipper after getting lucky with Courtney the night before, but Noah and Kyle as business rivals is a storyline that feels forced. Noah has never shown any inclination toward being an executive type, and is like a (whiny) fish out of water. Maybe that’s the point, who knows? Kyle doesn’t work as his next generation Abbott rival, mainly because he still hasn’t come to ‘feel’ like an Abbott in that intangible but necessary way. Kyle being pulled into Victor’s influence despite himself, and Jack seeing that he’s playing into Victor’s hands is the most interesting aspect of the story.

Support group.
All of the issues surrounding Billy, Victoria, and the support group seem admirably realistic – both of them talking to other people, the tension, making-up, and basically continuing to struggle. Even Chloe finally appears to have snapped with the strain of her grief this week. Adam at Delia’s roadside memorial was compelling too, as his inner battle goes on. There’s definitely a sense of being torn, however, between wanting things to move forward more quickly, and wanting the grieving for Delia to be realistically depicted.

Big payday?
The stuff with Devon, Hilary, and Mason suffers from the same plight as the Hilary and Rose storyline – other than concern for Devon, viewers aren’t invested in these characters and don’t really understand why they’re supposed to be.

Flowers for the lady.
Who else thinks Neil is going to propose and Leslie will tell him she’s not ready for family life? Hmm. Also, what was going on with Tyler and Lily in the park – did he ask her for a favor that we didn’t hear? Maybe to help him propose to Abby? In other news, Lily and Cane bantered with Jill – made me really want to find out what Katherine truly had in mind for Jill and see that storyline develop. Later, Lily seemed to get a disturbing phone call from the doctor – since she’s been told she is cancer-free, any guesses as to what might be up?