Deathbed confession.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2001 when Sharon lost a daughter due to a premature birth…

Nick and Sharon are going to give Chloe, who is still grieving for Delia, some advice. Years ago, Sharon lost a daughter as well, aside from Cassie. The drama before the tragedy began when Matt Clark, who had raped Sharon in 1994, returned disguised by plastic surgery as Carter Mills (then played by Rick Hearst).

Carter immediately set out for revenge on the Newmans and became good friends with Sharon while working at her and Nick’s coffeehouse. It wasn’t long before Nick and Sharon invited Carter into their home for dinner. Carter arranged for Nick to work late and drugged Sharon’s margarita. He was about to rape Sharon when Nick returned home and was led to believe that Sharon simply drank too much.

Tricia Dennison, who’d been used by Carter, drove off a cliff in a rage in a dual suicide attempt. Both survived, but Carter extracted his last bit of revenge by pulling out his breathing tube to commit suicide and frame Nick for his murder. Before Carter died he revealed his true identity and told Nick he had raped Sharon on ‘margarita night’.

Nick didn’t go down for Matt’s murder, but his enemy haunted him from the grave. After Sharon became pregnant, she and Nick argued over the possibility of Matt being the father. Following a fight, where Nick stormed out, Sharon fell and later ended up delivering her baby girl prematurely. A paternity test done on the deceased baby proved she had been Nick’s.

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