Restless Rant for the Week of November 25 – 27:

Aside from Nikki’s soapy reveal about Dylan, it was a pretty disappointing November Sweeps. Thanksgiving was marked with several family celebrations, and so we’re thankful for that. Thoughts:

Forgive the universe.
Billy walking out of the support group when they spoke of ‘forgiving the universe’; thinking it was going to be a bunch of malarkey was realistic, and a bit funny. While the Billy/Kelly connection isn’t really making any waves, it’s logical that he would bond with someone who can understand. It’s curious that they didn’t go the route of having Billy and Chloe get closer over their mutual loss, though, and instead brought on someone new. Par for the course these days…

Modeling in the park.
As if any photographer hired by Jabot wouldn’t know exactly who Summer Newman/Abbott was… The idea that Summer would be made to freeze in the park was fairly silly, and obviously a set-up for Sharon, who is being touted as ‘healthy and strong’ again, to march up and bark that Summer is Jack Abbott’s daughter – clearly a very bizarre thing to do when she knows perfectly well Summer is not Jack’s daughter and she is responsible for that lie being perpetrated. So we’re supposed to buy Sharon as being so much better when at the same time she’s behaving as though she has no conscience at all? Come on. Sharon was on the mark with her advice to Nick about Dylan, but if they’re writing Sharon as getting better they must address the issue of her conscience, otherwise it’s not the character we know.

First time.
You had to smile at Noah presuming he’d be Courtney’s ‘first’ and her setting him straight. Though this pair is cute, and she’s got a secret, it’s worrisome that their first time together wasn’t a more exciting prospect for viewers.

Prep the bird.
Presumably Leslie prepped Neil’s bird prior to Thanksgiving dinner, and all seemed to go well during the holiday celebration, but Leslie definitely had a few awkward moments. Could it be she’s not quite ready for the whole family and kids’ scene? It was surprising Neil didn’t insist on having Hilary join them. Maybe even he realized that would be pushing his luck!