Restless Rant for the week of November 18 – 22:

“Y&R” has definitely had its moments, but is still suffering from a lot of tedious scenes with unremarkable dialogue interspersed amongst the more compelling stuff. Perhaps because there are so many characters we really don’t give a hoot about it just feels that way? Why does it sometimes feel predictable and plodding? Genoa City needs to be jolted back to life! Thoughts on this week:

Guilt is a kind of suffering.
Watching a storyline that drags on too long is also a kind of suffering, so here’s hoping that the results of Victor’s investigation will kick the hit-and-run saga into its next phase. Not that the acting hasn’t been sublime, it has, but because it’s so heavy, it needs to keep moving forward at a good clip so that viewers don’t feel bogged down or become desensitized to what the characters are feeling. Adam and Billy going back and forth in the chat room was interesting and left me wondering if Kevin will discover that ‘Anonymous’ is Adam just as Victor sees Adam’s name on the license plate list. It seems there will be a heap of evidence pointing at Adam, who in fact has already convicted himself, before it comes out that he actually wasn’t the one who hit Delia. What still irks me is the whole issue of Adam believing he hit her when he knows he didn’t feel any impact. Billy and Victoria’s emotions continue to be all over the place, which has been so realistic, but Chloe also should be behaving erratically.

Dollhouse drama.
Drivel… Clearly intended to make Nick look like an unreasonable Neanderthal compared to Dylan and to further heighten the trumped-up tension between them before Nikki’s reveal. They should have written the Avery/Nick wedding so that Dylan showed up and stole her away from Nick right at the altar – then it would have made perfect sense for Nick to have had a huge issue with the guy.

The scene where Christine locked Paul’s office door and he thought for a second they were going to get it on before she announced that they were actually going to sift through evidence, was cute. Jill and Lauren supporting each other is well worth watching, and it was awesome to see Glo pop in, even if it was only to say she was leaving again (sigh!), but this Baldwin/jail story is mostly fast-forward city. It’s such a shame to feel that way about a story with Lauren and Michael. Fen and Michael need to get out of jail, Lauren needs to change her frickin’ cellphone number, and they need to move on into an entirely new storyline.

Jill’s belief that Katherine’s final challenge to her was to prove her worth by getting Chancellor back from Victor may or may not be correct, but either way, I was intrigued by what she told Lauren she found out about the music box in Switzerland – that the name of the song is ‘Ballerina’. Here’s hoping she keeps pursuing the music box angle soon.

The mole.
It’s doubtful that Kyle will prove to be smarter than Victor Newman, which is probably why viewers were talking more about Kyle’s haircut than his business moves by week’s end. Let know what you think of Kyle’s new style – Vote in our Y&R poll: What do you think of Kyle’s new look?