Long lost son.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the mid-1990s when Jack Abbott found out he had a son and almost lost him due to a secret…

Nikki’s secret, having kept the fact that Dylan was her son, will most likely strain her relationship with Victor. Years ago, Jack kept a secret that created the same issues between him and his son Keemo. During Jack’s service in Vietnam he fell in love with a Vietnamese woman named Mai Yun. Though Jack tried to find her before returning home to Genoa City, he’d been unaware of her real name and was unsuccessful. Little did he know that Mai Yun had given birth to Jack’s baby and later ended up separated from the boy during the end of the war.

Many years later, Christine’s friend Luan, the owner of the restaurant The Saigon Shack, was shot and begged Christine to find her missing son Keemo. Luan lived and couldn’t believe her eyes when Christine and Paul returned from Vietnam with Keemo. Christine listened to stories of the past and realized that Jack was Keemo’s father. She helped reunite Jack and Luan, and in turn Keemo realized he hadn’t been abandoned by his parents after all. The couple married and came together as a family, which included Luan’s daughter Mai. Sadly, Luan died, and Keemo found out something that almost destroyed his relationship with Jack.

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