Restless Rant for the week of November 11 – 15:

This week was relatively low-key, so many viewers are anticipating some amped-up drama on “Y&R” for November Sweeps. Thoughts:

My heroes.
Despite the terrific Veteran’s Day tribute that was (oddly) held at The Underground, the ‘Nikki is Dylan’s secret mother’ storyline is falling a little bit short of the mark and it’s possibly because so much of it just doesn’t ring true. Nikki keeping such a big secret from Victor is certainly a legit reason for tension, but they’ve largely centered the conflict in the story around Victor and Nick’s extreme dislike of Dylan, which doesn’t really fly. Neither of them has any real reason to hate the guy. He didn’t actively interfere with Nick and Avery’s relationship before their doomed wedding – it was Avery’s choice to stay with Dylan and be late. So, it’s just not possible to really engage with what these characters are supposedly feeling toward him. That’s not to say that there’s no anticipation about the truth coming out – it’s bound to be a disaster.

Bracelet in the blanket.
Avery has legit reason to dislike Sharon as she did actively interfere in her relationship with Nick, so Avery being snippy works here. For the record, with Avery and Dylan now having kissed, and since Sharon shares such noticeable chemistry with Dylan, there’s a storyline ripe with conflict just waiting to naturally happen. Who would you like to see Sharon paired up with? Vote in’s “Y&R” poll:

Shooting range.
It was a little surprising how quickly Billy went from gun-toting rage to crying for help and attending a support group. Perhaps it was finally hugging and connecting with Johnny that was the catalyst? Either way, the support group scenes were moving. It was ironic that Billy had finally seemed to move past the vigilante mind-set and it was Adam’s online comment that reignited it.

Despite his suffering, it was a decent week for Adam as he finally told Chelsea to just stop yammering, and later got in some good digs while helping Sharon out with Victor.

Those eyes.
It was a tad confusing when Chloe showed off a picture of Connor and his eyes to Kevin, who then went on about how she should tell Chelsea it’s too difficult for her to be around Connor. Was I missing something? In any case, Chloe and Kevin’s scenes are lurking in dull territory again.