Unknown twin.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1994 when Ashley Abbott fell in love with and married Alexander Field Bladeson (Blade) and later found out she’d been living and sleeping with an imposter – his evil twin Rick…

Ashley recently surprised the Abbotts by popping in to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Years ago, it was Ashley (then played by Brenda Epperson) who received one hell of a surprise when she found out her husband Blade had a twin named Rick. Ashley and Blade first met and fell in love when he started working as Jabot’s photographer. After they married the couple lived in the Abbott mansion.

Blade kept his past a secret, including his ex Mari Jo Mason. When she arrived in town, Blade made it clear he would never forgive her for sleeping with his twin brother. Mari Jo promised to keep their past a secret but began blackmailing Blade, due to the fact that he had witnessed his brother’s drowning and had ignored his cries for help.

Rick turned up in Genoa City, alive, and began seeing Mari Jo. Ashley saw them together and thought Blade had been having an affair. She confronted Blade, who couldn’t refute her claims without revealing he had a twin. Rick ended up kidnapping Blade and took his place in his marriage to Ashley. She loved the ‘new changes’ in Blade until the real Blade escaped and resumed his role as Ashley’s husband. The brothers went back and forth playing Ashley’s husband until Blade died in a car accident. Rick finally admitted the truth to Ashley, but she couldn’t take the deception and left town.

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