Restless Rant for the week of November 4 – 8:

“Y&R” plodded forward, still a touch gloomy, although anticipation is building for some storylines, such as Jill and Jack versus Victor, a current favorite, although having Hilary stuck in there is beyond annoying. In any case, here’s hoping that Sweeps week will have more going on and that there is a return to humor and romance/passion coming in Genoa City. Sorely needed! Thoughts:

Shameless and soulless.
Why are Cane and Lily the only realistic ones when it comes to Hilary’s misdeeds? Neil’s actually behaved out of character. He’s usually so protective, nay over-protective of his family, that his outrage over them being targeted should have outweighed any feelings of guilt or responsibility toward Hilary, particularly since her acts of revenge were out of proportion given his actual degree of involvement in Rose’s death. Devon is being sucked in by Mason, and Jack has inexplicably gone to bat for Hilary, which makes no sense since her blog posts would have put his company at risk – something that was never even addressed because the whole Hilary thing seemed to happen in a bubble. Thankfully, Jill, who was right about Hilary all along, put up a stink about her working with them, and will at least be a pain in Hilary’s behind. Some viewers have actually been speculating about the possibility of a Jack and Hilary hook-up at some point. What do you think about that idea? Vote:

A personal stake.
Hopefully this hit-and-run storyline is approaching some sort of peak because as fabulous as the acting has been, watching Billy angrily troll the internet (for what exactly?) and Adam drift around the penthouse in a daze has got to the point where we want to see something different happen. Victoria’s frustration over dealing with Billy and her breakdown to Victor felt very realistic. Adam’s taped confession was also very emotional. Unfortunately, since Adam had previously been living in a dazed funk because of his split with Chelsea and their miscarriage, with this happening now it seems like forever since he’s been more than a half-functioning zombie. Ready for this case to be cracked!

We’re all damaged.
November Sweeps will bring about the special Y&R Veteran’s Day episodes surrounding Nikki’s fundraiser. Again, thank goodness this storyline will be propelled forward, as viewers were at their limit with the near-miss encounters in which Nikki almost told Dylan the truth, and with Victor’s over-the-top tirades about Dylan. Nikki’s plan to stick Dylan in a room with her entire family is certain to make for a brilliantly soapy disaster.