In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1997 when Diane Jenkins returned to Genoa City and planned to get pregnant by artificial insemination…

Victor Newman and Kyle Abbott are currently opponents in a game of cat and mouse. Years ago, Diane planned for them to play a totally different role in each other’s lives, as father and son. Diane moved back to town and quickly got involved with Victor. The two married, and Diane wanted more out of the marriage than Victor did, a baby. Victor refused her and had a vasectomy, which infuriated Diane.

Diane and Victor’s marriage was short-lived. Nikki had been shot, and Victor wanted to marry her on her death bed. Diane reluctantly agreed to give Victor a quickie divorce, but he promised they would remarry after Nikki died. Nikki ended up pulling through, and Victor decided to stay married to her. Diane was stunned to find out that Victor had made a sperm deposit before his vasectomy and stole the sample posing as his wife. Though Diane stored the sample in a freezer in her closet, it was stolen. Word came that the sample had been returned to the lab, so Diane quickly managed to get artificially inseminated with the lab sample.

Once Diane became pregnant she told Victor, who demanded a DNA test. It proved Diane’s baby wasn’t Victor’s. Diane took the baby, left town and later found out that Jack, who’d been involved in a sperm switcheroo scheme with Nikki, was Kyle’s father.

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