Restless Rant for the Week of October 28 – November 1:

The shocking death of Delia and the heart-wrenching performances that followed drew in the largest viewing audience that the show has had in nearly two years, according to a “Y&R” press release. That’s no surprise, but it remains to be seen if those ratings can be sustained. The biggest drawbacks would appear to be certain poorly received storylines and the continued stream of newbies pushing into Genoa City. Notably, there was a huge positive fan response to the return of veteran core character Ashley Abbott, and the Abbott family reunion this week as compared to any of the stories with lesser known characters at the forefront. Thoughts:

I heard I was needed.
It was amazing to have Ashley return and share scenes with Billy at this difficult time – loved their interaction at the park. The Abbott family being all together felt so right. It was especially cool to see them sit down to breakfast as they did so often in the past, though there was a moment where their chatter and laughter felt awkwardly inappropriate in the face of their loss – particularly in Billy’s presence. Notably, Summer was a better fit in the group than NuKyle, who still hasn’t ‘clicked’ as an Abbott after all these months. On the whole, however, it was a breath of fresh air to have a core family gathering – if only it could always be like that.

Goodbye to our little girl.
The scenes surrounding the funeral were very well done – Billy and Chloe outside the doors together knocked the breath out of many viewers, and everyone leaving as Chloe’s voice read Delia’s poem was very poignant. The tea party for Delia was an almost unbearably bittersweet idea. Victor was so moved by it all he actually paid Billy a compliment, telling him he was showing great courage. What next? The icing on the cake was the Esther/Jill moment – holding hands and missing their granddaughter. But, was it worth it to kill off Delia and her potential for future storylines in order to have the current heart-wrenching storyline play out and to garner the high ratings? Let know your opinion by voting in our “Y&R” poll:

The weight of guilt.
The contrast of Adam kneeling at the roadside memorial as Delia was laid to rest was very powerful. Adam wrestling, almost wordlessly, with the weight of the guilt he’s carrying has resonated with viewers to quite a degree. When he learned Connor could see, when Chelsea mentioned Delia, and when Chloe visited, there was that twist in the gut. For insight from the actor, read’s interview with Michael Muhney.

Let you go.
Sharon improved to the point where she was able to take on Devious Cassie, so shouldn’t it soon be dawning on her that she is still allowing Summer, Nick, Jack, and families to walk around believing Summer is Jack’s biological daughter when she’s not? If she’s truly getting back to being herself then this would torment her since it’s not who she is to have done something so diabolical. Needs to be addressed…

Nikki’s secret.
Being honest, I’m more excited about Nikki having a storyline than the actual storyline itself, if that makes sense. As the reveal is being set-up it’s becoming fairly easy to imagine how it will play out and how everyone involved will react. A surprising reaction or twist viewers don’t see coming would be welcome.