Restless Rant for the week of October 21 – 25:

The fallout from Delia’s death continued to bring solid drama and incredible acting, but the overall depressing vibe in Genoa City is weighing down “Y&R” a bit – so ready for some love in the afternoon, a naughty, torrid affair, some comic relief, and a break from the tedious scenes with dialogue/characters we care little about. Recent viewer enthusiasm has largely focused on (a) brilliant acting, (b) particularly compelling scenes or (c) chemistry between certain characters, not the storylines themselves, which is telling. Thoughts:

We found our miracle.
Since the moment we found out that Delia would perish, we knew that it would lead to Connor receiving her corneas. Due to the outcome being so expected, most of the emotion as this played out came from watching the characters experience the difficult complicated feelings. Chelsea was outwardly upset, Adam was simply staggered by the implications only he understood, and Billy and Chloe seemed emotionally exhausted and resolute. It might have been an ideal time for Billy to recall that, despite their loathing for Adam on a daily basis, he did save Johnny’s life way back when.

Dylan’s been pretty droopy since his split with Chelsea but one thing that did work this week was his scenes with Sharon. They genuinely have chemistry, which many viewers commented on, but the push seems to be for Dylan and Avery to be the next big thing. While their history lends some interest to a Dylan/Avery pairing, it’s hard to imagine them being very exciting together beyond the actual reunion. That said, Nikki involving Avery in her secret about Dylan, though a tad baffling, added a bit to the Avery/Dylan interaction in that it’s a legit complication beyond Avery’s waffling and the ‘we’re different people now’ business, which was just tiresome. Who does Dylan have the most chemistry with in your opinion? Vote in’s poll:

Baldwin family fiasco.
Maybe just too much has happened to the Baldwins, or perhaps it’s just a result of the bungled Carmine storyline, but watching Lauren, Michael, and Fen all bickering in an interrogation room just felt sad. Not that there weren’t some ‘moments’ – as always the acting has been topnotch – but it’s just ‘enough’; too much stress for too long.

Hello Winters.
Nice to see Neil and his family members again, and thankfully no sign of that Hilary person.