Buried memories.

In this week’s “The Young And The Restless” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1965 when Nikki Reed accidentally killed her best friend Joshua Cassen…

Paul was troubled to learn that Nikki’s SUV was spotted near the scene of Delia’s hit and run in Genoa City. Years ago, Nikki was troubled as well when memories of a tragic accident reemerged. In the early 2000s Victor built the Market Street Community Center as a community service project. Nikki visited the construction site, which was previously the paint factory where her abusive father worked when she was a child. Nikki began having unexplained memory flashes of her childhood.

When a child’s skeleton was found in the cement during the excavation for the new pool the flashes became more prominent. Nikki confided in Paul and ended up remembering being with her childhood friend when they had found her father’s gun. As the memories came rushing back, Nikki was devastated to remember that she had in fact accidently shot and killed Joshua when they were only five years old. Her father had buried the body at his workplace, and Nikki blocked out the horrible memories. Paul found out that Joshua’s family never knew what happened to their son. Nikki ended up locating his brother, wanting to confess, who turned out to be Bobby Marcino.

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