Sexual harassment.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1991 when Michael Baldwin first met and became obsessed with Christine Romalotti…

These days Michael and his wife’s lives are in chaos, due to Carmine’s obsession with Lauren. Years ago, Michael was the one doing the obsessing and his actions landed him in prison. Michael, a prestigious lawyer, took Christine under his wing when she first started her law career. A celebratory kiss, with Michael as the aggressor, escalated into him requesting a more intimate relationship. Christine refused Michael and wasn’t given a promotion.

Christine filed a sexual harassment suit against Michael and discovered that she wasn’t the only woman he’d treated this way. Michael set out to make himself look good by marrying one of the women he’d harassed, Hilary Lancaster, and wasn’t charged. Christine agreed to go on a business trip with Michael and recorded him making further sexual advances toward her. Michael was fired and later made Christine believe he’d been sorry for his ongoing actions. However, Michael found his way into Christine’s apartment and attacked her. Before a possible rape occurred Paul appeared and gunfire was exchanged. Michael spent the next four years in prison.

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