Restless Rant for the week of September 23 – 27:

“Y&R” marches forward, still feeling somehow unlike itself as the new ‘reality’ in Genoa City continues to be established. Thoughts:

Nikki’s quest.
The last motel room in Winnetka? With Nikki’s money? Really? Anyway, Paul and Nikki are always good to watch together, regardless of the circumstances. As for Nikki’s son, it’s obvious that he’ll turn out not to be dead – or what was the point after all? Any new guesses on who it will be? Drawing the comparison between what Nikki did and what happened to Victor is a nice complication.

Tacky tackhouse behavior.
I’ve been willing to go along with the ‘Sharon off her meds’ bit to an extent – mainly because Sharon Case is selling it so well – but had to draw the line this week with Sharon allowing Faith to speak so rudely to Avery. It’s just so far from the mother/person we’ve known Sharon to be that, although not as huge as switching DNA results, it felt like the final straw. Things need to turn around for Sharon ASAP.

Complicated confrontation.
Many are sick of Summer dragging her bottom lip all over Genoa City, but Summer confronting Avery about leaving Nick at the altar made for some solid, realistic scenes in which we could feel for both characters.

Dylan’s downfall.
The portrayal of Dylan’s struggle has been very moving at times, and the buddy scenes with him and Stitch are very natural and even heartwarming, but for many there is still a feeling of detachment from these characters. Dylan and Avery are likely headed for a reconciliation down the line, which might make for an exciting moment or two, but it isn’t bowling too many over with anticipation. There seems to be limited emotional investment.

The great escape.
This Carmine/Lauren/Michael storyline went so wrong that most are rolling their eyes at it now. It looks like things will come to a head at the Businesswoman Of The Year event at the Club. A nice bonus in this tale has been seeing more of Alex.