Taking the blame.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the 1980s when someone covered for Phillip Chancellor III due to his drinking issue…

These days Lauren is very concerned about her son Fen and his possible involvement in Carmine’s death. Years ago, Jill was worried about her son as well and with good reason. Young Phillip had been away to boarding school before returning to Genoa City as a teenager. He was rebellious, drank quite heavily and resented Jill for sending him away. Phillip lashed out at his mother further by moving in with her nemesis Katherine Chancellor, who gained temporary custody of Jill’s son.

Best friends Christine ‘Cricket’ Blair and Nina Webster became friends with Phillip. He quickly fell in love with Christine, who had been dating Danny Romalotti at the time. This gave Nina some time to try to woo Phillip to date her, but her attempts didn’t work. Danny broke things off with Christine, fearing as though he’d been tying her down, and Phillip couldn’t have been happier. Phillip and Christine began dating, and he continued to hit the bottle in order to feel comfortable around her. One night Phillip got behind the wheel and ended up in an accident. Someone had been in the car with Phillip and took the blame, claiming they’d been driving.

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