Restless Rant for the week of September 16 – 20:

Though there are some details in the current storylines that don’t make a great deal of sense, the overall viewing experience improved this week. Thoughts:

The wizard.
The scenes with Billy and Victoria acting out “The Wizard of Oz” with Delia were fun. Billy and Delia sure have screen magic as father/daughter.

Sentimental claptrap.
Some argue that the Jack/Victor stuff no longer intrigues them because it’s ‘been done’, and it might be true if their clashes didn’t still cause such a thrill of anticipation. Those feelings of apprehension, tension, and expectation come from the history between the pair – much like we experienced with Jill and Katherine. Having Adam in the mix is keeping it fresh for me. With that said, it was decidedly odd for Jack to do what he did solely in the interest of helping Victor have a better relationship with his son, even for a BFF like Adam. That he later tried to use the situation to his advantage where Summer was concerned was more in keeping with tradition. Throwing in the reveal that Adam has a son complicated the issue for Victor, which was a nice twist. It appears that Victor will be making some sort of big move at Newman that will throw Jack and Adam off, and may involve bringing Victoria and Noah to work there. The fact that Victoria knew about Chelsea’s deception is still a wild card yet to be played.

It shouldn’t be this hard.
Well, Nick and Avery’s engagement just sort of fizzled out after she showed up late to their wedding. It’s rather telling that there has been no big fan uproar over this split. Meh.

It was a good indicator of how far gone Sharon really is when she reacted to Adam’s news about his son. She said she just couldn’t believe Chelsea deceived Adam and Dylan that way. There was no sign that she realized she is doing essentially the same thing to Jack and Nick. It’s like she’s disassociated herself from her actions. Skeery. Of course, later, when she ran into her therapist, we realized she really does think she’s fine and is in her own reality.

Male bonding.
The interactions at the police station seem too scripted, though I want to enjoy them because of the characters involved. Honestly, these scenes leave many just wanting to see more of Alex. It boggles the mind that he doesn’t have a big sexy storyline.