Betrayed by his son.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Victor Newman lashed out at his son Nick for turning him in to the Feds…

Victor found out Adam hasn’t been honest with him, by aligning himself with Jack, and unleashed his fury on his son for his betrayal. Years ago, Victor lashed out at his other son, Nick, who betrayed him in connection with Jack as well. Jack had set out to get Jabot back on top by marketing Ashley’s Tuvia line. Always up for a competition, Victor competed with Newman’s Safra line. However, Victor played dirty.

Victor enlisted Michael Baldwin’s help by blackmailing him into buying major shelf space for the Newman product, in turn leaving Jabot’s line to collect dust. Safra products flew off the shelves and many people, including Nick, suspected Victor had used illegal tactics in his quest to ruin Jack. Nick stood tall against Victor and turned his father in to the Feds. Victor seethed, wondering how his son could betray him so badly. It took a long time before their damaged relationship could be repaired. Victor was sentenced to community service, only after offering Jack millions as retribution in order to save himself from going to prison.

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